Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

The worst

pernah tau aku nge-post the worst feeling ever ? ada yang lebih buruk ternyata .. ha ha ha.

The worst feeling ever is when you really want to be beside someone you really care with no reason, cheer that person up, having fun conversation, and comfort that person but you just.. can’t.

Making it worse, the reasons why you can’t be beside that person are because you’re just a girl who will never make the first move, you are too shy, you are afraid of being rejected, or deep inside you want that person to cheer you up first but the chance is never come.

And you remember the quote: “When a guy likes you, you’ll know. When he doesn’t, you’ll be confused”. On one side you think you know it. But on the other side, you are uber confused about what really happened.

It is worst of the worst
via It isn't an aid, it's anagram
It's damn ... true.

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